My Top 10 Vloggers + Fav Vlogs

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These days if you aren’t on the internet it is said you are so old school to the point where no one seems to know you!!! Have you ever come across a person holding a camera or a cellphone and it seems like they are having a conversation with themselves? If so these persons a the new sensation of Vloggers.

top 10 vloggers +Vlogs! (2)

One might ask what or who is a Vlogger/Vlogs? Wonder no more!!!  A vlog (or video blog) is a blog that contains video content.  A new sensation video creators are generally referred to as vloggers . Vlogging is becoming more common as equipment becomes cheaper and supporting software and hosting and aggregation sites become more prevalent. Both Yahoo and Google feature video sections and many MP3 players, such as the hugely popular iPod, support video. Person now have easy access their content via YouTube, Vino or even Snap-chat.

Being the social media…

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