Dwyane Bravo the man from soca land!!!

Who would have thought that a  little boy born on October 7, 1983, in Santa Cruz, Trinidad, would rock the world of sports and entertainment one day? Dwayne Bravo aka DJ Bravo is one of the most famous cricketers in the world.


The Man from the land of soca music


  1.  Dwayne Bravo nickname is Johnny
  2. Dwayne Bravo born to John Bravo and Joycelyn Bravo, from Trinidad and Tobago. He has a stepbrother, Darren Bravo. He is married to Regina Ramjit, the couple has two children a girl named Dwaynice and a son named Dwayne Bravo Junior.
  3. His childhood hero is Brian Charles Lara. They both came from the same village Santa Cruz in Trinidad
  4. He gets his musical inspiration from the likes of Beenie Man, Machel Montano, Bounty Killer are all big names. He has watched them performed in Trinidad and Jamaica and wish one day he can be like them or even better.
  5. He loves to give back to society and has a foundation called First Citizens Sports Foundation Promoting and Culture of Excellence in Sports.
  6. If he could have it anyway,  he would eat white rice and chicken—stewed, barbecued or baked—every day.
  7. His only regret in life is how much money he blew when he was younger. Bravo never really placed a value on it, but of course, that’s different now.
  8. Bravo enjoy playing against all cricketing nations but like to watch India and prefers to play against Australia play.
  9. In his spear time, he enjoys shopping and listening to music, which is two of the activities that relax him.
  10. Most times when he isn’t training, Bravo can be found in his room, sleeping or enjoying his own space.
  11. Bravo dream is to own a  private jet. With that, he can travel the world as much as he likes with his family.
  12.  In 2016, Dwayne Bravo along with Chris Gayle became brand ambassadors for a fast growing Indian condom brand named Skore, to bring awareness’s and promote their product range.

  13. He formerly wore 47 as jersey number but later changed it to number 3. This is a significant number to him because his son was born on October 3 and daughter on August 3. Even his mother’s birthday falls on 3rd. Showing his unconditional love for his family.



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