Lil Bravo Faith a Cricket West Indies nightmare!!!

Choy Aping a regular commentator in the Facebook group “The Leading Edge – A True West Indies Fans Page” made his opinion public to the forum after hearing that Cricket West Indies (CWI) had extended an olive branch to Lil Bravo younger brother to Dwyane Bravo former West Indies test player.

Lil Bravo's Faith a Cricket West Indies Nightmare

Aping made it clear that ” given that Graves and Jimmy are making another attempt to reach out to Lil B by providing another pathway for his return to International Cricket through the ‘A’ tour to England later this year, if Lil B is seriously considering playing for WI again then this ‘A’ Team tour is a good place to start.  It will help him get back in the grove, although, given the team’s struggles I would have probably drafted him back into the Test Team directly, nonetheless.  He agrees with the fact that he can’t just walk back into the Team given that he turned down 3 previous invitation.

Lil B need to come clean and make a decision on where he goes from here, apart from CPL he doesn’t see him having much of a T20 Career, he probably would have the County option. Bravo needs to make a decision and stop letting his ego hamper his Career.

The ‘A’ Team Tour is not such a bad option, after all, it will be much more forgiving than Test, he will have much more leeway there and a valuable opportunity to get some meaningful red ball cricket under his belt. On the other hand, Pollard needs to Up his game if he has any intention of returning to the WI Team, he too should probably seek out that ‘A’ Team route as I think his lack of Red Ball Cricket has certainly hampered his progress as a cricketer, same could be said about Simmons.

Dwyane Bravo, is still playing at a pretty high standard and we probably can get 2-3 good years from him still, nonetheless, he too need to balance the amount of T20 he is playing, after 10 years of T20 Cricket he finds it hard to believe he doesn’t have financial security to last him for the rest of his life now?

Although he doubts very much Cameron will allow Dwyane Bravo to ever be selected again, he thinks the meeting after the IPL will determine all 3 players career paths from here onwards.”

I tend to agree wholeheartedly with Choy but extending the olive branch to Lil Bravo and company doesn’t mean Cricket West Indies has turned over a new leaf.  Can a leopard change his spot? Furthermore,  Pollard, Dwyane among other CWI players involved in franchise cricket are doing so well raking in huge sums of money while drawing large crowds season after season not too concerned now about coming back into the fold of CWI. Who knows we might all be in for a huge surprise when they all announce their retirement from presenting CWI and just playing franchise cricket until they retire from cricket in total.


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