Where is the continuity with our Legacy/History of Jamaica?

6 thoughts on “Where is the continuity with our Legacy/History of Jamaica?”

  1. Interestingly, I just had a response to a post on my blog from somebody who works with the National Library and she told me how difficult it is to get musicians to leave a copy of their work with the relevant information. Last year the Insitute of Jamaica had a series of talks on the legendary trombonist Don Drummond. One of the presenters was an American lady who had published a book about him. Nuff said. Love the Meadowbrook colours history lesson.

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  2. That is the reason those who stole us from Africa expended so much energy trying to get us to forget our heritage. Though some persons might have forgotten parts of it, our heritage still carries over to this day. Many might not care to know what it is but it is still there and will never be truly forgotten.


    1. Jamaican Violet Brown who is the oldest women in the world it’s my hope that her family members have learned and have put together a lot of what she knows so that future generations can be proud of. Not many Jamaicans are leaving a legacy that I could go anywhere in the island and know a whole lot about a particular area or thing… That’s what is lacking within our island Jamaica we really don’t seem to have an interest in preserving our history.

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    2. I might be wrong, but I have a strong feeling that many believe our history is irrelevant hence the reason for them taking on another man’s history and claiming it as theirs. Then again there are others who don’t two give hoots about our history…

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