Do it for the Love do it for the Likes…….

10 thoughts on “Do it for the Love do it for the Likes…….”

  1. Great article. Music is everything to me. The problem with the music business now is that producers are not thinking long term anymore and technology has made it very easy for the world and his wife to become a record producer. Thankfully we do have artists like Chronixx. Edna Manley School of Music produces some outstanding talents. They have annual end of year exam concerts in May which are free to the public.

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    1. Many of our so called musicians shouldn’t be call so they are just one hit wonder, all of them riding the same rhythm. Many don’t have good stage presents, can even free style. I could go on and on. Some can’t even read sheet music neither play an instrument. Many don’t even know if and when they singing off key.


  2. Music is the soundtrack to our lives really. I remember how old I was when I feel in love with dancehall, who the artist was and the song. Everytime Buju Banton batty rider comes on, I am that 12 year old girl wining to the forbidden music that my mother wouldn’t let Us listen to. It’s great to read about another artist who appreciates the artistry of music and it’s importance. I have never heard of chronix but now I’ll have to check him out.


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