PubhD: Students explain their PhD to Nottingham pub goers

Originally posted on CBJ News Reports:
Students from Nottingham University are taking to the pub to discuss their PhD research with local people over a pint.   PubhD is a monthly event at which three local PhD candidates, from any discipline from Art History to Quantum Mechanics, explain their work in a pub to the public. The talks have been a success since they started in 2014,…

The Definitive Answer to The Average Penis Length

Reblogged from A Walk in the Snow by mik1999 Men everywhere have been waiting for millennia for scientifically-backed answer to that all important questions, “Am I bigger than the other guy?”.  Well, the science is finally in.  UK researched published a study in the journal BJU International (and no, that’s not Blow Job University… it’s…

The Truth about Female Ejaculation

Reblogged from Feminine Sexual Health It’s not just for the adult entertainment industry and it’s more real than you probably think! Female ejaculation refers to a watery fluid that comes from the G-spot, and is secreted by the Skenes/Paraurethral glands through the urethra before and/or during an orgasm. Fluid that is released is not urine….

Women Exploited By Porn – We Need an Objective Discussion

Reblogged from A Walk in the Snow Mik 1999 I just read yet another article of a former porn actress telling her story about how she was consumed and spit out by the porn industry.  It was awful and I felt sorry for her; she was clearly exploited and she should have all of our sympathy….

Does Our Sexulaity Scare Us?

Reblogged from A Walk in the Snow mik1999 What do you think of when you hear the word ‘swingers’? Is your image positive or negative? I was corresponding with another blogger – hotlady1965 ( – about the swinging lifestyle.  She blogs to raise awareness about swinging and, I think, to help us understand that swingers are…